Work on These 8 Dimensions of Wellness to Improve Your Health

To achieve a state of wellness, a person recovering from substance abuse needs to put in conscious effort in the right direction. There are steps that you must take and stages that you must clear.


Knowledge of where our efforts must go for experiencing wellness will save us time and prevent relapse.


Family and friends

Family and friends constitute the social dimension of wellness and their presence in a positive manner is a big boost for the recovering addict’s wellness. Socially isolated addicts find it difficult to rise above their condition. Instead, they keep falling deeper into the morass of addiction till they hit rock bottom. It is your responsibility that during the recovery process you make an effort to reach out to old friends and try to make new ones. Be mentally strong in the face of rejection. Peer groups, online and offline, exist for counseling and help.

Effort –

Your own effort is the sole deciding factor in determining whether you will win the battle against addiction. Your efforts will rely on the support of family and friends, and also your own emotional strength. Your ability to cope will depend majorly on the reserves of will and good sense that you can muster. Your willingness to do well during the rehab program is the number one facilitator to achieve good health.

Physical activity –

Any physical activity that you do will be a step away from dependence on drugs and alcohol, and one towards a healthier body. Substance abuse robs addicts of their health and stamina. Exercise is a great facilitator of wellness and indicators of health such as the ability to lift weights or run are derived from regular working out. You must exercise for a natural and healthy release of dopamine, so that you can begin to experience wellness.

Turn to God –

Spirituality has brought succor to millions of addicts. Turn to your scriptures and God for answers.

Get Working –

Make yourself useful. When you do something productive and are rewarded for it, your self-worth rises. This is extremely important because being occupied gainfully keeps the mind away from harmful thoughts. If you can find a job that you love, then stick with it and consider yourself very lucky. You can also volunteer to help in the community. By doing so, you’re making better use of your time and staving off isolation.

Stimulate your brain –

Make it a habit to take up activities that stimulate the brain. Intellectual stimulation is very important because not only does it keep boredom at bay when you’re alone, it also staves off thoughts of mischief and descending once more to activities that harm. Solving puzzles, reading, writing, and debating are activities that will help repair those areas of the brain damaged by drug use.

Save money –

Building financial resources is a matter of stress even for healthy individuals. Recovering addicts are bound to be anxious about what the future holds. The way out is to be pragmatic about the whole thing. You must accept that acquiring financial stability will take time and regular effort. Find a job, save, and get back on track. There’s no other way. In order to find a job, you need to do your best to fulfill all the required criteria, including that of sobriety.


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